Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

What is a vCISO? Do we need one?

Do any of these situations apply to you?

  • We either don't need a full-time CISO, or can't afford one
  • We don't know where to begin
  • We had a jack-of-all trades who did a lot of security stuff, but departed from the company and we're not sure how to continue.

If so, a vCISO may be for you. Get in touch and we'll help you out.

What's a Virtual CISO?

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is a service that provides high quality cyber security professionals to organizations who seek to develop, improve or maintain fully functional information security programs.

Oppeo Security has highly experienced cyber security professionals with decades of experience in building information security divisions that enable business objectives at scale while considerably improving security posture.

Do we need a full-time CISO, or a Virtual CISO?

In general, most full-time Chief Information Security Officers command a $200,000 base salary in lower cost-of-living areas, with some reaching $500,000 in higher cost of living areas. When a company adds benefits, bonuses and stock options, the total compensation can reach half a million to well over a million. On the other hand, a vCISO often costs much less.

How much does a vCISO cost?

Oppeo Security's vCISO services cost as low as $37k per year and goes up to $245k for longer engagements that require considerable program building. As a company's security enters maintenance mode due to the development of a mature security program and posture, our prices go down considerably due to lower utilization.

What can a vCISO do?

Oppeo Security's vCISO offering can include all of our security services in an all-in-one package -- and more -- but can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of individual organizations or business units.

  • Compliance and vulnerability management
  • Development of policies, processes & procedures
  • Incident response
  • Leadership and guidance
  • Penetration testing & Social Engineering
  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security training & awareness
  • And much more, depending on your business' unique needs

Our vCISO's will help with daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly security engagements. vCISO benefits can often outweigh the costs associated with a full-time CISO:

Advantages Oppeo Security vCISO Full-Time CISO
Industry Expert X X
Can Build Security Team X X
No benefits necessary X  
Flexible Costs X  
Flexible Engagements X  
Ready-Made Team & Plans X  
Less Turnover X  

Whatever the needs of your business, we can help. Interested? Get in touch.