Vulnerability Management

Are you looking to establish vulnerability management at scale?

Do any of these situations apply to your company?

  • We have no vulnerability management program
  • Our vulnerability management or compliance program is in disarray.
  • We had a vulnerability management program created by another employee who has since left, and we don't know how to maintain it.

If so, Oppeo Security can help. Get in touch.

Why do we need vulnerability management?

Every organization has vulnerabilities. Quite often, there are very many of them, so many that it's impossible for a small team to fix within a suitable amount of time.

Vulnerability management helps protect assets by prioritizing critical, high and medium-risk vulnerabilities based on the likelihood and ease of exploitation, the presence of public exploit code and the impact each individual vulnerability can have within an organization's resources. It's important for an organization to have visibility into their vulnerabilities in order to prioritize which ones need to be fixed first.

Oppeo Security approaches vulnerability management from a scalable standpoint. If your vulnerability management program is not scalable in its present state, we help create measures to improve scalability and help ensure that your vulnerability management program can be managed by as few individuals as possible to reduce costs.

Benefits Our Approach Traditional Approach
Prioritizes impactful vulnerabilities X X
Ensures high visibility X  
Is Highly-Scalable X  
Can be managed by as little as one person X  

Whatever the needs of your business, we can help. Interested? Get in touch.