Cloud Security Assessments & Architecture

Is your company ready to migrate to and maintain presence in the cloud?

Do any of these situations apply to your company?

  • We don't know where to begin
  • We have no cloud security testing.
  • We manage cloud vulnerabilities manually and our approach is not scalable.
  • We want to migrate to the cloud, but we're afraid of the security issues associated with it.
  • We've been hacked.

If so, Oppeo Security can help you. Get in touch.

Why do we need Cloud Security testing?

Many organizations are migrating to the cloud using development teams that lack understanding of the multitude of cloud vulnerabilities. You've heard the news, you've probably seen it yourself: buckets are left open, IAM policies are too permissive, data is being stolen, instances are being hacked and cryptomining malware is running rampant within infrastructures, potentially costing companies hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars when the cloud bill comes in at the end of the month.

Oppeo Security's cloud testing team is capable of performing comprehensive security assessments on entire cloud organizations or individual accounts, responding to incidents in the cloud and helping your company develop highly-scalable cloud vulnerability management that can be managed by a single person.

We can also help you migrate to the cloud securely to avoid surprises at launch, while training your engineers to understand best practices. Some of our Cloud Testing benefits include:

Benefits Oppeo Security Traditional Testing Firms
Relies on Scanners   X
Creates Confusing Reports   X
Creates or Improves Vulnerability Management Program X  
Is Highly-Scalable X  
Considerable Cloud Penetration Testing Experience X  
Cloud Security Can be managed by as few as one person X  

Whatever the needs of your business, we can help. Interested? Get in touch.